Welcome to my little spot on the world wide web, a place that I hope to let you into my world behind the lens. I have fallen head over heels in love with photography. I see it everywhere I go. My mind is always swirling and taking notes. It has become part of who I am. I want to make time stop through my images. Capture the things we just might otherwise forget.

October 30, 2010

And baby makes four - Lawrence, KS newborn photographer

Sweet newborn goodness. She was right at three weeks at the time we took these photos, that still qualifies for newborn status right? They change so quickly! That is one of the many reasons it is so fun to capture them while they are still so fresh and new.

I got to meet this family for a photo session this summer to celebrate the end of the family of three and to capture the now big brother. So of course I was super excited to meet the newest member. A sprinkle of pink can now be found in this household. A little sister to be picked on for many years to come by her big brother. Thanks for letting me come over and spend the afternoon with you all!

She was pretty awake for most of the session, just chillin'.

Awww, some sleep.
Please don't wake me by moving me around lady!

A cute big brother playing with the rocks.
Fall babe

some quick love for his new sister.

October 25, 2010

Long time friends - Tonganoxie, KS family photographer

We had tried for this session starting in July. Yes, July. We finally made it happen in October! Yay! Let's just say if we wanted to to rain, I just had to schedule this family in. It can be hard enough to nail down a date once, so 3 reschedules (yes, all due to rain) was quite a feat. Funny thing, it did rain on this day but the skies parted by evening and we were able to pull it off.

This is one of my very best friends dating back from the 7th grade. Oh the silly things we did together through those middle school and high school years. Lots and lots of giggling. Now we both have three girls and no doubt will be surrounded by their giggles and drama for years to come. *smile*

They live in the "country" on some beautiful land so there was no need to trek anywhere but their own back yard. So peaceful out there! Enjoy the peek and I am so glad we were able to get this done so you don't have to go shopping for new outfits yet again. Love you guys!

Endless great photos of this one...
Ornery, ornery and more ornery
She had some great smiles but I was drawn to this serious side too

She was enjoying picking all the little flowers,
what girl doesn't?
All three girls have the most beautiful BLUE eyes!

I have known these two together from the very first date back in college.
A pair of competitive athletes, can't wait to see what these girls do.

yes, the dogs have to be included too!

see this is the smile I was talking about!

This image is so peaceful to me, so sweet.

October 21, 2010

Severn family - Lawrence, Kansas family photographer

We had so much fun last weekend on this shoot. These guys were totally relaxed and just themselves the whole time. It does help that their personalities are fun and full of spunk. All of them!

We met Dave while moving to Lawrence, he was our realtor. A friend of a friend situation and he led us to our house and our great neighborhood. He did not steer us wrong! They are only one street over from us so we see them regularly and the kids go to school together. Actually Andrew and Josie are in the same class this year and Clara is in a dance class with her. Denise is an avid runner, I am telling you energy pours out of all of them. Thanks so much guys, enjoy your peek!

I LOVE this picture!
We have some smiles too but these one jumped off the screen at me.

No serious looks for this guy,
all smiles!

They are a family that loves music too!
I told Dave all we needed was his baby grand out there with us.

This pictures was unintentional.
I was checking my settings and she was waiting on the family
I happen to love the unintentional.
Thanks so much guys!

October 19, 2010

Anderson family - Lawrence, Kansas family photographer

I have known this family for a long time...a certain member since his birth. Yep dad, aka Jan-Eric, is my cousin. I am a mere 7 months older than him. We were next to each other in the birth order of our extended family. Lots and lots of great cousin memories! I will spare those but we truly had some fun times.

I met his wife while in college, we lived within the same walls of a sorority house. She is as sweet now as she was then. They now have two adorable little blonde dudes and live here in Lawrence. I do have to say I enjoy having extended family in town (my aunt/uncle and another cousin are here too)!

On to the pictures, they are always way better than any of my attempts at writing!

The leaves are starting to fall!
It was about 84 degrees out when we were taking these.
It has been more like Southern California than Kansas this October.
I am NOT complaining!
Cute, cute boys!

It's a bird,
it's a plane,
nope just a couple of really cute superheros!
What a sweet smile!
"Holy heart failure, Batman!" -Robin
Even superheros drool.

Hey JE was this before or after Wint washed his hands?
-had to be there-

There was a helicopter that kept flying over, the boys were watching for it to come around.

I have to say watching Jan-Eric get older,
dare I say...
he is reminding me of the awesome two elder men in his life.
His dad and our Bongo (grandpa), long legs and all!